Remarkable Personalities

Jindřich z Varnsdorfu (died after 1334)
A priest, the Commander of the Commander Region of Zittau is, according to the latest research of D. T. Edel, is probably the long searched author of the first in Czech written chronicle – The Chronicle of so Called Dalimlil.
Peter Kien (1919 - 1944)
An artist, poet, librettist, who was born in Varnsdorf. His works became wide known a long time after his death. Peter Kien wrote the libretto for Victor Ullmann’s opera The Emperor of Atlantis (first performed in Amsterdam in 1977, in Czech first performed on radio in 1995), his art work was exhibited in Terezín and as a travelling exhibition in Italy.
Bjarnat Krawc (1861 - 1948)
A significant Lusatian composer, conductor, and propagator of both Sorbian and Czech music. He composed songs and dance music inspired by Lusatian folklore, choruses, ceremonial masses etc. In 1945 he moved from out-bombed Dresden to Varnsdorf, where he spent the rest of his life and died.
Hanka Krawcec (1901 - 1990)
She was the first Lusatian professional artist (graphic artist and painter, distinguished portrait painter), Bjanart Krawcec’s daughter. Her most significant work of art is the graphic series “May a Human to Another Be the Light”. Hanka lived in 1947 / 1986, and is buried together with her father. A part of Varnsdorf Museum is dedicated to her artwork.
Vincenc Pilz (1816 - 1896)
An academic sculptor born in Varnsdorf, a member of the Vienna Academy of Arts, the author of a lot of sculptures and relieves that are exhibited in Vienna and some other Austrian towns. Some of his artworks can be seen in Varnsdorf (old Catholic Church, the Museum).
Joseph Schubert (1757 - 1812)
Josef Schubert was a composer born in Varnsdorf the author of four operas and numerous instrumental compositions. He spent part of his life as a court musician in Dresden.