The Town Information Centre and Travel Agency Regia Inc.

ul. Otáhalova 1260, 407 47 Varnsdorf
Tel: 412 370859
Mo  - Fr 9°° - 18°°, So 8°° - 12°°

The centre provides information on:

  • Sightseeing
  • Accommodation, catering
  • Transport service (timetables of bus companies, the Czech Railways, and the Czech Airlines)
  • Services (exchange offices, shops, institutions, companies, and offices)
  • Monuments, culture and sports facilities and events
  • The toll of the Tolštejn Castle Land
  • You can buy Wandering Passports of Tolštejn Castle Land, the maps of the Land, and its own cent coins. They also issue bonus vouchers.
  • Booking accommodation
  • Arranging of excursions
  • Sale of maps, booklets, books, video cassettes, guide books, view cards, and souvenirs
  • Theatre tickets are available there.
  • They assure all kinds of tickets to sports and cultural events.
  • This is the contact place for locating posters in Varnsdorf.

They provide travel agent’s service.

  • They fix package as well as one-day coach tours.
  • They mediate sport and spa stays.
  • They mediate child and youth summer camps.