Sports Arena


Football Match

A lot of citizens are organised in various sports clubs. The largest of them is the club called TJ Slovan Varnsdorf. Nearly half of the members are the adult players – 423 from 870. The younger juniors form another huge age group of 332 competitors. The members play basketball (141), tennis (119), volleyball (92), and go in for skiing (97) or wrestling (also 97). Other sports are handball, swimming, judo, table tennis, recreation gymnastics, yoga, horse riding, body building, or extreme sports.

The football club is called SK Slovan Varnsdorf and has about 200 members. The ice hockey club accepted the name TJ HC Varnsdorf and has 110 members (39 seniors, 23 older juniors, and 48 younger juniors.

The climbing club has 30 members. SK PAINTBALL Varnsdorf has 70 members – most of them are younger juniors.