M?stské divadlo


Kinoklub Varnsdorf


M?stské muzeum
Municipal Museum

The town compares its culture life to major regional centres. The Municipal Theatre (, where numerous events take place each month, has a remarkable position. You can find a fine gallery in its building as well. The number of performances in this house is respectable – in the year 1999 it was 99 events visited by 22,894 viewers. Another cultural facility of the town is the Kinoklub Cinema. Eight thousand and fifty seven viewers saw Four hundred and thirty-eight performances. The dance hall "Lidová zahrada” has been newly reconstructed. The Students’ Centre (former Střelnice Club) has its unique position in the life of schools in Varnsdorf. The total number of events for the youth was 488 and for the adults 212 in the school year 1998/1999. 27,350 people visited this club.

The Public Library ( had 1,897 subscribers (from this number 554 children – 29.9%) at the end of the year 1999. The library is not only surviving - it successfully competes with other media.

You can see a lot of galleries in town: Gallery D in the theatre, Gallery on the Gallery in the Museum, Gallery Smile in the Health Centre HEL&P, and Gallery Liduška at Art School. The permanent exhibitions in the Museum are The Lifestyle of the Town Citizens in the Second Half of the 19th Century, From the Depositories of the Museum, Hanka Krawcec – the Sorbian Artist, The Hall of Vincenc Pilz".

The Museum ( has its own club called The Club of the Friends of the Varnsdorf Museum. The members are in specialised clubs as the Club of Historians, Club of the Friends of Arts, Club of Photographers, Mineral Club, Club of Rarity Collectors. The major cultural events are the Concert Series Varnsdorf Musical Summer, Shrovetide Carnival and Folk Holiday. The workers of the House of Youth and Children organise and take care of before or after school activities of school children and students in numerous clubs where children can develop their talents and abilities.