The view of the square

Recreation lake

The town of Varnsdorf (population 16,000) is the second largest town in the district of Děčín. It lies under the Lussatian Mountains (Lužické hory) in the basin of the Mandava river. From three cardinal points it is surruonded by the frontier line with the Federal Republic of Germany.

The town has industrial but also garden features. You can still see the original village ground plan creating a unique urban area. In the year 1849 a number of small villages united into the largest village in the Austrian and Hungarian Monarchy, and nineteen years later it was declared a town. A mountain village of Studánka has also been an administrative part of the town since 1980.

When visiting do not miss

  • St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church where the complete liturgy performance of Beethoven’s composition Missa Solemnis took its place for the first time, or St. Charles’ Church called for its special tower roof ‘the church without a tower. Seeing the interiors of both of them can be arranged at the Dean’s Office at 471 E. Beneš Square.
  • the cathedral of Old Catholic Church which was founded just here in Varnsdorf as a protest against claimed infallibility of the Pope.
  • the branch of the District Museum Děčín with a permanent exhibition The Lifestyle of the Middle Class in the 19th Century, and the gallery called “Galerie na ochozu”.

Other Possibilities

  • Culture: Municipal Theatre with its own gallery, the cinema called “Kinoklub”.
  • Recreation: Swimming and camping in the area of Varnsdorf lake (cabins, playgrounds, pedal catamarans).
  • Sport: Indoor swimming pool with a sauna and a massage parlour, sports arena, outdoor ice rink, tennis courts, and a fitness centre
  • Tourism and hiking: road border crossing to Seifhennersdorf for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, cars, and coaches (you can also reach a nearby town of Zittau by the Liberec train).

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