Recommended Trips to the Surroundings

Lusatian Mountains




The visitors of Varnsdorf will be attracted by beautiful surrounding dominated by the Lusatian Mountains – Lužické hory ( These are ideal for hiking as well as for more and more popular mountain cycling.

A well-marked tourist path will lead you to a nearby little picturesque, originally mining, town of Jiřetín ( There you can find large ruins of a medieval castle called Tolštejn (Tolštejn Land, ). Křížová hora (Cross Hill) is a granite hill with a Calvary (the representation of the crucifixion in the open air up the hill) with eleven rococo stone relieves and a chapel on the top.

Rumburk (, which is eight kilometres from Varnsdorf, is also very interesting for its sightseeing. The Loretta Chapel belongs to the treasure of European architecture. Or you can climb the highest mountain of the Lusatian Mountains Luž (793 m above the sea level). We also recommend you to enjoy wonderful views from the lookout towers on the tops of Jedlová (774 m above the sea level) or Dymník (515 m above the sea level).

Other Places of Interest

  • Jiřetín pod Jedlovou - sports plot
  • Krásná Lípa - museum and gallery in the house called U Frinda
    Kyjovské údolí (Kyjov Valley), rock castles of Czech Switzerland
  • Weekend Bus Line 510330:
    Filipov - Jiříkov - Rumburk - Varnsdorf - Chřibská - Doubice - Krásná Lípa - Filipov;
    In connection to the service in the FRG
Tourist Paths
  • Varnsdorf ŽST - Varnsdorf náměstí - Světliny - Studánka - prameny Křinice - Krásná Lípa - Dymník - pomník Rumburských hrdinů - Rumburk BUS (19,5 km)
  • Varnsdorf náměstí - Hraniční Buk - Jiřetín pod Jedlovou - Křížová hora - Jedlová, sjezdovka - U ranče - Tolštejnská cesta - Jedlová - Jelení skála - Nová Huť (12,5 km)

You can also visit a lot of places of interest in the towns and villages in the German borderland i.e. Grosschönau, Seifhennersdorf a Neugersdorf, next for instance the Castle of Oibin or the towns of Bautzen (the centre of Sorbian culture in Lusatia) and Zittau.