Euroregion Nisa

Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa is a union of three borderlands in the heart of Europe, a common region belonging to Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

The same problems and interests the roots of which can be found in the history of our continent mutually connect all the three borderlands.

The eastern borderline of the European Union makes this region very important both for political and geographic reasons. This brings big chances, but also a lot of risk. The new European dimension has already affected the relationships between the west and the East.

Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa was established in May 1991 in Zittau in Germany. The regional unions of citizens in each of the three borderlands incited it. The parts of this union agreed that they should solve existing problems together in good coexistence of neighbours living here side by side.
Administratively the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa is made up of three regional unions of citizens living in local villages, towns and counties. These units entered into an agreement that newly defines their mutual collaboration. This is based on concrete conditions that are in accordance to their forms of administration. The supreme bodies are the Council and the Presidium. Representatives who were elected in each of the three unions elect members of them.

The offices in Zittau, Liberec, and Jelenia Góra work as executive administration. They are controlled by the Presidium. The offices control and organise project activities.
The projects are made upon priorities formed and firmly defined by the politicians of the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa.

Parity, rotation, and consensus are the basic principles for the activities of all their administration.

Contact - Secretariat ČR:

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